Bandsaw Blades

Add value to your band saw and efficiency to production with wet blasting

Band saw manufactures are adding Vixens in-line wet blasting process into their manufacturing to add value to their products and gain competitive advantage.

Vixen's wet blasting process adds value and production efficiency by cleaning, de-burring, removing scale, removes manufacturing heat marks, surface finishes, surface preparation for coating, edge honing of carbide tipped blades, peening and many more.

Vixen's wet blast processing benefits for band saw manufacturers 

  • Zero dust created from process
  • In-line processing to fit into current manufacturing
  • reduce blade failures
  • reduce fatigue and cracks to gullet through peening
  • Edge hone carbide tipped blades consistently
  • Process control giving consistent and repeatable results 
Coated blades

We have a range of manual equipment or automated solutions to fit straight into your production requirements.

Learn more about our wet blasting machine range or request a free sample processing trial to see the results on your components!

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