Burrs most commonly occur through machining operations such as grinding, milling, engraving and turning.

Deburring can be a very labour-intensive activity and can be in very difficult to reach areas.

Wet blasting for removing burrs is an extremely efficient way of improving process time and consistency and improves productivity. It is currently being used across many industries on all materials.

Either manual or automated, Vixen’s solutions can be used for this process, depending on your unique requirements or need to free up valuable skilled labour. 

Wet Blasting Can Help Provide:

  • Reliable and consistent removal of burrs and surface finishing of your components.

  • Automatic solutions to free up skilled labour and increase overall efficiency.

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for rework and smooth out your quality checks.

  • Deburr complex shapes and reach blind holes or difficult channels.

  • Flexible process enabling light or heavier burr removal without damage to the component.




We have a range of manual equipment or automated solutions to fit straight into your production requirements.

Learn more about our wet blasting machine range or request a free sample processing trial to see the results for yourself!


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