Defense, Ammunition & Weapons Industry

This industry relies heavily on surface finishing and high cleanliness levels

This industry in particular, carries great secrecy and therefore we cannot divulge existing customers who have used our machines for their processes. We have produced numerous wash plants to wash various components from portable rocket launchers to ammunition shells and hand guns.

In some cases, components need blast cleaning and the Aquablast has been used numerous times for this application. Firstly the Aquablast gives a superior finish to a dry blast process and secondly on titanium components, there is a reduced risk of explosion when blasting. Titanium when blasted can be explosive and the preference with the wet machine is obvious where the operator is concerned combined with a superior surface finish.

The Jetwash range of machines can also be used within the weapons and ammunition industry. This range is made up of many standard sizes starting from the smaller top loading machines to the larger front loading machines. The Jetwash range is designed to simultaneously wash and degrease components automatically using hot water and detergent. The larger front loading Jetwash machines have multi stage washing such as wash, followed by secondary wash followed by a rinse. Which produce very high cleanliness levels from relatively small to large components with the wide model range we offer.

Another popular machine used within this industry is the Agiwash. As the Agiwash range cleans using the immersion process, this is the preferred option by many to clean thoroughly and get into hard to reach areas such as blind holes and cavities.

You can further improve the cleanliness levels by using the Agisonic range of machines which features ultrasonics to return a superior level of cleanliness. This particular machine cleans using the immersion process like the Agiwash however the Agisonic range has the addition of the ultrasonics. The ultrasonics create the cavitation process which is the formation of bubbles creating shockwaves alongside the object thoroughly cleaning the part. So for companies with stricter cleanliness levels the Agisonic machine is the preferred option.

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