Medical Implants

Medical Implants are manmade devices that need to be manufactured and finished to the highest quality standards before being used

Medical implants can be for various applications such as joint or bone replacement to dental screws and fixings. there are many requirements specific to each, However cleanliness is a must have for all which wet blasting delivers on!

Many manufactures within the medical implants sector purchase machines from Vixen to gain the superior finish and cleanliness required. 

With cleanliness levels being a crucial element within the medical industry the Aquablast range ensures that no media is impregnated into the part as the water when mixed with abrasive acts as a lubricant creating a cushioning effect in combination with the correct parameters and process control that we deliver. 

Our wet blasting process has been used in medical manufacturing for many applications such as surface roughness requirements, deburring, removing manufacturing marks, surface finished to enhance integration and growth and many more

Some of the benefits Vixen's Aqua blasting can provide for medical manufacturing and finishing 
  • Zero dust processing creating a cleaner working environment and production for your components
  • No static build up aiding cleanliness meaning no positive charge drawing in particles
  • No dust particles particularly good for titanium 
  • Processing via flow rather than pure impact giving even and consistent results and great for complex geometry
  • Wet blasting is a very controllable process with many finishes and media's viable options

The Aquablast cube is an ideal machine to fit seamlessly into a busy workplace or production line, due to its cubic shape and flexibility you can specify many options as manual or automatic to enhance and stream line production efficiency. Often in production lines components are transported on conveyors and the cube range can be mounted adjacent to the conveyor very easily and parts are maneuvered through the guillotine door. 

At vixen we can work with you to achieve your desired results. Customers have the full use of our demonstration area where we can work together to specify the process parameters required and then the manual or automated solution from our range. 


We have a range of manual equipment or automated solutions to fit straight into your production requirements.

Learn more about our wet blasting machine range or request a free sample processing trial to see the results on your components!


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