Vapor Blasting Military Parts

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Vixen’s vapor blasting machine works very well at deburring parts of machinery used in the military, including actuators, aeroplane parts and missile components.

These components can range in materials such as aluminium, titanium and stainless steel, and during the manufacturing process, can become misshapen. The Aquablast machine is particularly effective during the last stages of the production process, as it is able to deburr these components and remove any unwanted edges and ridges that can be created during manufacturing.

A 120 grit Silicone Carbide media can be added to aid this application, as it produces a superior and professional cosmetic finish, which is obviously very important for machinery used in the army and forces.

Another advantage of vapor blasting during this particular application is the fact that it does not tumble the parts in bulk, resulting in undamaged parts that are easily handled during the blasting process.

The Aquablast’s vapor blasting technology means that deburring components used in the military can be up to 100 per cent faster than other methods of cleaning, resulting in quicker production times and better quality results.

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