Wire & Cable

In-line finishing of continuous wire & cable products with wet blasting.

The Vixen in-line wet blasting process has been used for multiple industries but fits perfectly into the manufacturing process of wire and cable producers.

It can achieve great line speeds to keep up with production requirements and fit in to most manufacturing lines currently in operation.

As with all our solutions the Vixen In-line wet blasting of continuous wire and cable products is highly controllable and repeatable giving consistent and uniform finishes.


Typical in-line wet blasting requirements and results:

  • Oil and scale removal leaving a uniform finish.
  • Removing surface imperfections and creating a uniform finish.
  • Cleaning and creating a surface finish to aid dry or wet lubrication adherence.
  • Remove heat treatment discolouration.
  • Reduce radii or remove burrs.
  • Creating a non-reflective surface or required Ra.

We have a range of manual equipment or automated solutions to fit straight into your production requirements.

Learn more on our wet blasting machine range or request a free sample processing trial to see the results on your components.


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