Vixen's Smart Wheel Repair Process

We've produced videos to showcase our ultimate wheel repair package!

Posted on Friday, 5th June, 2020

The Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe is a one-stop-shop for bodyshops and wheel refurbishers to repair wheels quicker than ever before - which means more customers, bigger profits.

In this short series of videos, Mark will be showcasing these two machines and how you can use this package to achieve the very best in smart wheel repairs. 

The Aqua Wheelblaster uses our wet blasting technology of water mixed with abrasive media and high pressurised air to blast clean and perfectly etch wheels. This means you can prepare wheels without needing to strip them back to bare metal. As wheels are often chemically stripped when they don't need it, our Aqua Wheelblaster can prepare a lot more wheels ready for machining in our wheel lathe and relacquering. Just imagine how many more wheels you can refurbish!

The Vertical Wheel Lathe uses state of the art technology to create a top-quality finish, removing any kerb damage or imperfections and can reproduce the original diamond cut finish. In video 3 and 4, Mark demonstrates how the machine works with a Windows operating system which is user-friendly, and the Panasonic laser probe to scan wheels in just 30 seconds.

The compact Wheel Lathe precisely cuts wheels every time and unlike other lathe's on the market, it features a multi-cut process. This means you can set the programme to cut the wheel 3-4 times so you can keep an eye on the wheel whilst you complete other tasks.

Plus with every purchase of the lathe, you will receive two days on-site training (European countries) as well as our training guide and manual.

For more information on our full range of smart wheel repair equipment, visit or call +44 (0)1642 769 333.

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