Wheeler Dealers use Vixens Aquablast® to restore a Porsche 997!

Posted on Wednesday, 30th November, 2022

The Aquablast, As Seen on: Wheeler Dealers!

The popular show Wheeler dealers presented by Mike Brewer and Elvis Priestly is renowned for restoring rundown classic cars in order to resell them at a profit. The team aim to show viewers what it takes to fix and restore automobiles to the highest level.

They work on a limited budget, and in this must find and replace everything they need to make the car driveable again. This includes everything from full engine rebuilds to cosmetic work, and this is where Vixen Surface Treatments come in.

The team at Wheeler dealers have an Aquablast® 1215!


Mike Brewer and Elvis Priestly in front of the AquablastBlasting the part

In the video below, Mike Brewer and Elvis Priestley restore a Porsche 997 ready to test drive around the Uk’s most famous track- Silverstone. Utilising the Aquablast® to do this.

The Aquablast® is a vapour blasting machine and is perfect for restorations. The finish achieved with these cabinets is second to none and can return components back to their original lustre finish.

The water-borne abrasive removes any unwanted surface contaminants and causes zero structural and dimensional changes to components.

We look forward to seeing the Aquablast® feature in many more episodes to come!

Clean Component

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