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Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland


Aquablast 915

Ali Burrow Motorsports in Northern Ireland specialise in the rebuilding and restoration of Subaru cars and rally cars.

The company originally purchased a dry blasting machine from Vixen to refurbish Subaru parts.

But after noticing more and more of the results achieved in our Aquablast machines online, the company decided to purchase one for themselves.

Ali and his team now use the Aquablast 915 over dry blasting to restore components to a like-new condition.

This consists of anything automotive from alloys, engines blocks and even gearboxes.

The 915 is our smallest of the standard Aquablast machines, and uses our wet blasting technology of water mixed with abrasive media to simultaneously blast clean and degrease.

This means parts are thoroughly cleaned and removes deposits such as rust, dirt, oil and paint.


Ali Burrows


Vixen provides a great back up service. We originally purchased a dry blasting machine, it’s a very good machine so it was not hard to go for another product. With the Aquablast machine parts are like new once blasted. The service we can now provide is another level. The Aquablast is a great machine and leaves a much nicer finish. I would recommend Vixen!

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