Aquablast 1215

Our customers based in Latvia have set up a vapor blasting service thanks to our Aquablast 1215.

After noticing a gap in the market for motorcycle, motorsport and vehicle restorations, the owner Sergey Potapkin decided to set up an aqua blasting service in Latvia.

The company began in 2020 and even throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, the team are very pleased with how the service is developing.

The owner Sergey even noticed that their client base is rapidly increasing as customers are happy with the effective cleaning technology provided by the Aquablast.

After researching what machines are available to restore and refinish motorcycle and auto components, that’s when they discovered the many advantages of vapor blasting.

Mr Potapkin decided on a Vixen machine to start up his business as he found our company were the best quality and best price possible.

With Vixen’s range of Aquablast machines, the possibilities are endless.

The wet blasting machines can be used in various industries to blast clean and refinish parts from medical to engineering and 3D printing as well as automotive.

The Aquablast 1215 processes medium to large components which is vital when restoring anything automotive from brake calipers all the way to engine blocks.

The wet blasting method of abrasive media mixed with water produces a soft satin finish, which is ideal for cosmetic finishes in restoration.

Plus can ensure customers are truly satisfied as parts are delivered as an as new condition and are often better than factory standard.

So, when surface preparation and cleanliness is a vital aspect, Vixen’s Aquablast machine can do just that.

The company are very happy with their machine and are looking are purchasing additional equipment such as Ultrasonic tanks.


Sergey Potapkin


The Aquablast machine gave us the opportunity to open a new business and enter a market with a service no one else offers in Latvia. The 1215 model is the best in terms of quality and price. The machine is easy to maintain and we started work on it immediately.

Communication with Vixen was efficient and they quickly answered my questions. Even in the COVID-19 situation, the machine was delivered quickly.

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