Aston Workshop

Durham, UK


Durham, UK


Aquablast 1215

Aston Workshop located in Beamish; Durham chose Vixen Surface Treatments to level up their state-of-the-art restorations of Aston Martin cars.

Established over 30 years ago, the Aston Workshop was founded by Bob Fountain with the idea of restoring Aston Martin’s to the highest possible specifications.

These restorations were further elevated after installing the Aquablast® 1215 at the beginning of the year.

Kevin Hutson, their machine shop manager said:

“We initially intended to have the Aquablast® sit alongside our current processes, but what we found is that it has made some of our processes redundant due to the quality of the finish. We are getting the level of finish we couldn’t quite achieve prior to the Aquablast®!”

In addition, the Aston workshop worked closely with one of our sales engineers, Rob Wilson, to create a specific blend of abrasive media to use in their Aquablast®. This has allowed the workshop to give their restorations the exact finish they required.

The engines were required to look as close to their original appearance as possible, and this was achieved through a combination of aluminium oxide and Vixosheen glass bead.

Kevin went on to say: “We tailored the media to get the exact finish we required.”

With a team of over 30 engineers and workshop staff, the Aston Workshop pride themselves in their ability to create bespoke engineering tasks globally. Also specialising in electric vehicles, they do a variety of other elements in the workshop, from body work to engine restoration and paintwork. The Aquablast® has reduced their cleaning times significantly and efficiently.

Vixen’s Aquablast® 1215 is the ideal size for the work that the Aston workshop do. The mid-sized model can house a variety of medium to large components, perfect for a variety of Aston Martin cars.

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