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Aquablast 1215

Auto 4 in Italy, are a bodyshop which sell and refurbish new and used motors, specialising in Subaru sports cars.

Before they were introduced to the Aquablast, the company would use a dry blasting process, however the results were far from what they had desired.

Once the owner Matteo Scian had witnessed the capabilities of the Aquablast, he instantly knew that to be able to achieve the best of the best results, this was a piece of technology he needed within the workshop.

Auto 4 noticed a second hand Aquablast 1215 cabinet for sale and didn’t think twice about purchasing. Thanks to the Vixen, they are now able to achieve a consistent, smooth and satin finish which in Matteo’s words is “incredible”.

They use the machine to process all things aluminium, such as engine blocks and heads, ancillaries parts, suspensions and much more.

The Aquablast 1215 is the medium-sized cabinet in the range and a popular choice for automotive restoration. The pristine finish is created through flow of water mixed with abrasive, which results in a finer finish. This is due to the water acting as a lubricant meaning no media is impregnated into the component.

The process is completely dust-free as there is no break up of media, unlike dry blasting where the finish is produced by sheer force of abrasive impact.

The machine also features our most popular optional extra, the closed-loop system. Having this extra means the machine can operate without the need for a mains water supply and a drain close by. The system recycles the water and is then used for re-use for the window wash and rinse gun.

Time after time, the company are amazed by the superior results. The machine assists in helping Auto 4 provide a first-class and professional service to their customers. They now find that other workshops local to them are bringing their parts to be blasted in the Aquablast.

The machine has helped them provide a service that no one else in their area can compare to.

Why not join Auto 4 and many other worldwide customers in transforming your business as well as your parts and components? It’s no wonder Vixen are the no.1 choice for surface treatment equipment!


Matteo Scian


The Aquablast from Vixen has helped us to offer a super quality, professional job to the customers, like no other here in our region. The wet blasting cabinet brings the quality standard of our company to a higher level.

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