Autonomous Technology

Perth, Australia


Perth, Australia

Autonomous Technology based in Perth Australia, are experts in engineering, surveying and leading edge autonomous aircraft design and manufacture of drones.

Their in-house operations range from servicing to CNC moulds and 3D printing. Autonomous have now also founded the Aqua Blasters which is dedicated to servicing within Aviation, Automotive, Subsea Mining and Motorcycle Industries. It is also dedicated to servicing and maintaining drones.

Having purchased the Aquablast 1515 this has enabled them to expand into new markets they never thought they could. As drones are often operated over remote mine site environments, they tend to get contaminated by red dust causing complications when operating. The drones also become slightly corroded over time which is broken down using the Vixen Aquablast machine.

The Aquablast range is designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust free process. The Aquablast 1515 is the largest in the range. As standard, this machine shares the same features as all the other machines in the range such as a large viewing window, fully stainless steel and dual-purpose sedimentation filter. The Aquablast 1515 also has many options available, for example, you can have 4 armholes which are very useful if you are processing longer parts, which Autonomous decided to choose, as you can see in the photo.



Autonomous Technology

“Autonomous Technology & Aqua Blasters goals are to provide the best service and highest possible repetitive quality to its customers. With this we looked for a machine that had the build quality to run for a life time.”

“The fabrication work and material selection choice of the Vixen systems was second to none compared to all the machines we did our diligence on before purchasing. The stainless steel construction and industrial doors and locking mechanism provides a great seal against leakage that most other systems over looked. The Aquablast range really is an industrial system with all the features one would expect for the investment and more.”

“You only truly appreciate the quality when it arrives at your shop and you start setting it up and begin operating. It was a purchase we wouldn't think twice about making again and look forward to expanding with more systems in the near future.”

“The service was amazing too, with over 100 emails of correspondence from Australia to the UK with Debbie at Vixen who answered everything instantly or overnight that we had to ask. Being an overseas buyer you could say we were very reserved in the beginning, but the service really did speak for itself. So good I think any company doing business would learn a thing or two from Vixen.”