Aquablast 1215

Zoltan Sipos is a Hungarian YouTuber that uses his platform to showcase the benefits and effectiveness of vapor blasting.

After upgrading their machine to the Aquablast® 1215 Zoltan has been able to perform restorations to parts and components to a significantly higher standard.

In the video below, Zoltán restores a BMW V8 valve covers to a like-new finish, demonstrating the incredible capabilities of the Aquablast® and as you can see, the finish is unbelievable!

The Aquablast® 1215 is the mid-sized model in our range of wet blasting machinery. It has a large opening side hinged door for easy access when loading and unloading parts. This wet blasting machine is designed by Vixen to harmoniously degrease and blast parts to produce a pristine condition and is perfect for medium to large sized components.

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