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Aquablast 1215

Canterbury University in New Zealand uses Vixen’s vapor blasting machine to showcase the many benefits of this process to its students.

The Mechanical Engineering department at the University provides top tier educational and research opportunities and decided to purchase an Aquablast machine from Vixen to showcase the superior results of this vapor blasting process to its students.

The mechanical engineering industry relies heavily on cleaning methods to recondition components to ensure processes run smoothly, and the addition of an Aquablast for this sector means parts are blast cleaned to remove deposits such as dust, oil and rust.

The University decided to purchase our Aquablast 1215 which is ideal for processing medium to large parts, ready to help students experience the advantages of wet blasting and to be familiar with this process, for when they go onto work within the industry.

The machine is predominantly used to clean and surface prepare machined parts such as unifying the finish of heat treated 3D printed parts. And has also been used for general restorations of old equipment, especially cast aluminium.

Before purchasing from Vixen, the University used a dry blast machine with glass bead abrasive or manual cleaning and found the components never looked like they do now in the Aquablast. “A shiny uniformed finish.”


Zac Perston

Project Engineer

The Aquablast has allowed us to better support our students and provide them with the insight of vapor blasting for the industry. The machine itself has great visibility with the screen wiper and the dust-free process.

Vixen provided excellent support with selecting the correct machine and accessories for our application. Their technical documentation also allowed us to easily prepare our site and facilities for the machine delivery, allowing us to get up and running with zero delay.

As we are on the other side of the world, in New Zealand, the machine had a long way to travel! The crating / packing was excellent, and everything arrived undamaged.

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