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Aquablast 915

CCK Historic impresses current customers and brings in new work thanks to Vixen’s Aquablast 915.

Based in East Sussex, CCK Historic and Southern Rebore Services (SRS) are two companies under one roof. They specialise in classic car race and road preparation, carrying out work such as tuning carburettors and building engines for the road and competition. SRS is an engine reconditioning machine shop where they take on just about any engine-related machine process.

The synergy between the two sides of the company makes the whole operation of the business incredibly smooth and effective, allowing them to complete everything they need to in house!

Understanding that their customers’ classic cars are their pride and joy, they decided to look into how they can deliver an even better service. They knew that customers wanted their components to have a high-quality appearance, which is what lead them to purchasing Vixen’s Aquablast 915

Before purchasing the machine, CCK Historic used acid dip tanks to remove rust and oil residues, as well as a hot wash and a paraffin-based parts washer. Although they still apply these techniques prior to using their vapour blasting machine, they are now able to achieve far superior result than ever before.

Their current customers have noticed the difference and are very happy with this new machine. Because this service is much quicker and achieves a higher level of satisfaction, CCK Historic are attracting more and more business. People have even asked if the blasted aluminium components have been painted, because of the cosmetic appearance looking so good. 

Vixen’s wet blasting technology restores old and corroded metals by the combination of water mixed with abrasive media to remove deposits such as grime, rust, paint and oil. This means these parts are brought back to a like-new finish.

Due to the Aquablast process taking only a couple of minutes, the company has noticed preparation times have been cut in half which means they are restoring parts efficiently, and speeding up turnarounds for customers. These treated parts include cylinder heads, engine rocker covers, carburettors, magnesium wheels, aluminium wheels, steel shafts and more.

Due to Vixen’s rapid and professional service, CCK Historic has said that they would recommend our business to everyone. They have plans to work with Vixen again in the future due to the excellent service from both the sales engineer Terry and the aftersales team.




We have found no better way to make our metal components look the part than the Vixen Vapour blaster! We find that the components in the engine bay are particularly benefitted by the vapour blasters finish – this is as a result of the polished finish that blaster produces. Terry’s service was great – he was really informative and we know that he will always be there to aid us which is brilliant to know!

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