Charles Dunn Motor Engineer

High Wycombe, UK


High Wycombe, UK


Aquablast 1215

Charles Dunn, Motor Engineer have levelled up their restorations with Vixen’s Aquablast 1215

Established in 1984, High Wycombe. The business was initially a service and repair facility for regular road vehicles.

Charles’ son’s passion for racing soon meant the business would diversify and offer their extensive race-preparation and race-build skills to a wider audience. This has led to the workshop now offering extensive engine and transmission rebuilds and performance enhancements for specialist vehicles.

Before purchasing an Aquablast machine from Vixen, Charles and his team would manually clean and polish car and motorcycle components by hand. This was extremely time consuming and exerting for the user, so they set out to find a quicker and more efficient surface treatment solution. This is where the Aquablast came in.

The 1215 model features a spacious cabinet with rubber wall lining and LED lighting for better visibility while blasting.

Our Aquablast range combines water with an abrasive media to create a slurry. This alongside compressed air accelerates the mixture, blasting and degreasing a wide variety of components. This creates the high-quality satin finish as seen with Charles’s examples below.

The advantages of the Aquablast machine for Charles Dunn, Motor Engineer are endless. Not only have their surface treatments time been significantly reduced, but they have also been able to clean the ‘hard to reach’ areas of parts they had struggled with before.

Charles and his team are now able to offer the restorations and repairs they carry out, not only to a functional level of excellence, but with the added dimension of aesthetic perfection. And this is all thanks to the Aquablast!

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