Charles Koopmanschap - Belgium

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Heverlee, Belgium
Aquablast 1215
Case study overview

Charles Koopmanschap, one of Vixen’s Belgium based customers, purchased an Aquablast 1215 wet blasting cabinet and is more than pleased to say the least.

Manually operated, the Aquablast 1215 machine is particularly effective for creating a satin finish on stainless steel, along with a wide range of other metals. The Aquablast range is designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust-free process, which achieves outstanding finishing results on a variety of components.

Charles was that thrilled with the running of the machine and the final results on his 750 cylinder motorbike parts, he offered to write a few lines to be featured on the testimonials page on our website. However, Charles went one step further than that by making the video featured below.

To view the case study  in full click the following link:

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