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Cheshire, UK


Cheshire, UK


Aquablast 915 & Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cheshire Vapour Blasting, UK purchased an Aquablast 915 and an Ultrasonic cleaner to offer an automotive restoration service.

The owner Matt Tolley set up Cheshire Vapour Blasting earlier this year after needing something to occupy his time and decided to take the plunge with a completely new line of work.

With a keen interest in restoring classic cars, he knew this hobby could become a new business avenue.

After researching what was available and what machines were needed for his restoration workshop, that’s when he discovered Vixen.

Matt was appointed a sales rep who was able to answer all of his questions and he instantly felt that ‘Vixen offered the best service’.

He also noted that our rep was very knowledgeable and felt that our quality was the best on the market.

He purchased our entry level Aquablast machine and Ultrasonic cleaner and picked it up from our UK factory. Matt installed both machines himself, with a little help from our Aftersales department.

Our engineers were at the other end of the phone to offer any support and ensure Matt’s machines were set up quickly and correctly. He said “It was actually really simple to connect the mains, air and water!”

Straight away he was stripping parts off his own cars just to see how good they would come out. Very quickly Cheshire Vapour Blasting was launched and is now able to blast all kinds of car and motorcycle parts, with amazing results every time.

Matt has opted for our Vixo Sheen Glass bead media to provide a consistent uniformed finish.

The Aquablast machine uses water mixed with abrasive media to create a slurry which simultaneously blast cleans and degreases.

Components are quickly processed by removing deposits such as heat scale, machining marks, rust and oil.

This dust-free process is becoming the no.1 choice for restoration, especially within the automotive industry.

Matt also purchased an Ultrasonic cleaner which is ideal for washing and degreasing automotive parts to remove oil build up in blind internal areas. This thorough clean is the first step prior to surface refinishing in the Aquablast.


Matthew Tolley


When I contacted the sales rep at Vixen, he was very knowledgeable and answered all my queries. I knew then that Vixen was the best on the market and they also offered the best service! I set up the Aquablast machine myself and it was actually really simple to connect the mains, air and water. Straight away it was working amazingly and I was stripping parts off my own cars just to see how good they would come out. The results on car and motorcycle parts are amazing! I use glass bead and the finish is really good!

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