Classic Restorer opt for Vixen's Aquablast

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Classic Restorer
Benoni, South Africa
Aquablast 915
Case study overview
What The Customer Says: 

"The wet blasting process applied from the Aquablast 915 is very gentle, very selective and non-damaging, which is very important when treating sometime rare, one-off parts."


Classic Restorer, based in Benoni, South Africa, recently purchased an Aquablast 915 wet abrasive blasting cabinet from Vixen, in order to restore the surfaces of classic car and bike aluminium parts.

Classic Restorer is relatively new to the field of wet blasting technology in South Africa. Once the company becomes established in the niche of services to vintage/ classic market, Classic Restorer want to branch off into car magnesium alloy wheel cleaning services using Vixen’s Aqua Wheel Blaster.

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