Aquablast 1215

CSB, based in Poland specialises in the restoration of classic cars for owners in European countries.

The owner Pawel Cepa, purchased an Aquablast 1215 after seeing a company in Belgium using it and realised it was the machine, he needed to clean small car components.

Before the 1215, Pawel cleaned the small parts by hand which took more time and the increased risk of damaging the component. He also used Soda blasting technology (dry blasting) prior to wet blasting, but found he wasn’t achieving the desired finish he required.

The Aquablast 1215 is Vixen’s medium sized machine that gives a perfect alternative to dry blasting, with a dust-free process and a soft surface finish. The wet blasting process cleans by flow, with the water acting as a lubricant.

Using both dry blasting to remove stubborn paint, and wet blasting for a first-class finish, Pawel’s small business is thriving, leaving his customers very satisfied.


Pawel Cepa


The Aquablast has become a machine that I can’t do without. I am amazed at the results and effects that can be obtained by my Aquablast cabinet. It allows for a higher quality finish to the parts that I clean and returns the appearance of the parts to their original state.

Thanks to the Aquablast, we are able to offer our customers a superior service and result, which they need in the renovation and restoration of their classic cars. 

I can say that my success has been enhanced by Vixen’s Aquablast cabinet and I am very pleased with my investment.

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