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Aqua Wheelblaster & Vertical Wheel Lathe

Deutsches Auto Service Center in Dubai offers high-level servicing and maintenance to all top-end European car brands from Audi to Volkswagen.

The auto center ensures and produces the best possible service for their customers by using the latest state of the art equipment, and this includes Vixen’s ultimate wheel repair package.

Service Center purchased our Vertical Wheel Lathe, Aqua Wheelblaster and Professional Wheel Straightener in 2020 to offer in-house alloy wheel and diamond cut repairs.

Before purchasing our equipment, the garage was outsourcing their wheel refurbishment service and noticed a gap in the market to bring this in-house.

They also explained that the new machinery from Vixen has allowed them to offer a new and bespoke wheel treatment service, that no one else currently offers in their region. Which means a great income generator for the company!

Vixen’s wheel repair equipment was sent directly from the UK and installed at their garage in Dubai.

The Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe make the perfect pair in any car garage to offer a same-day service for wheel refurbishment.

The Aqua Wheelblaster gently scotches and prepares the wheel ready to be machined in the Lathe or powdercoated/ repainted. This machine is ideal for workshops like Auto Service Center with a dust-free process of water and abrasive to perfectly etch wheels in as little as 5 minutes.

Service Center can now also offer diamond cut wheel repairs with the Vertical Wheel Lathe.

This Lathe quickly and precisely cuts the wheel to remove kerb damage and reproduce the diamond surface finish. Vixen’s Windows and Panasonic technology ensure fast and precise results, with wheels processed in around 20 minutes.

The professional Wheel Straightener is also suitable to straighten buckled wheels as part of the SMART wheel repair process.

When you purchase a Wheel Lathe from Vixen, you receive two days of specialist training to ensure you can use the machine correctly and produce superior results. Auto Service Center received the training online and said: 'The training was very comprehensive and professional'.

Ordering from overseas is no problem here at Vixen. We ship worldwide and offer international technical and post-sales support throughout the life of your Vixen machine(s).

They described our overall service as: 'Vixen was great, very professional and supportive'.

We wish Deutsches Auto Center continuous growth with its services.


Barbz Sheikh

General Manager

Vixen's technically advanced machinery makes wheel repair simple and precise with quality results. They have helped us offer a more reliable, consistent and accurate service. Vixen was great, very professional and supportive. The team has helped immensely in regards to setting up and training.

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