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Chorleywood, UK



Chorleywood, UK


Aquablast 915

DK Engineering utilises Vixen’s vapor blasting technology for its Ferrari restoration work.

DK Engineering, based in Chorleywood UK specialises in all aspects of Ferrari. From sales to competitions and restorations, DK Engineering is a one-stop-shop for all things Ferrari.

Vixen’s managing director, Aidan Mallon recently had the pleasure of visiting DK Engineering to see their outstanding premises and how they utilise our Aquablast 915 machine.

Rob Searle from DK Engineering, showed Aidan around the showrooms which featured an impressive collection of Ferrari models such as the F40, 550, 308 and many more. Rob and Aidan then headed onto the restoration workshops where DK Engineering offers a range of turn-key restoration and repair work.

Ferrari models and other luxury car brands such as Aston Martin, Bugatti and Mercedes were in the workshop, and it was great to see the extensive work DK Engineering carry out to the highest standard.

Inside one of the workshops is where they keep our vapor blasting machine. The Aquablast 915 is used to restore headlamp bowls, front and rear suspensions and anything else that is going to have a paint base or plated base.

Rob listed some of the many advantages of having our Aquablast machine in their workshop. This included the dust-free process. This is very beneficial for workshops like DK Engineering, so the unit is all self-contained and that no dust or particles will spread into the atmosphere.

Rob noted how the machine keeps everything all nice and tidy and how easy it is to maintain.

Throughout Vixen’s visit inside the car showrooms and the restoration work carried out in the workshops, it was immediately clear DK Engineering only offer the best possible service for its global customers.

Vixen’s managing director Aidan Mallon was delighted to hear from the technicians who use the Aquablast machine, and how satisfied they are using the machine or restoring and refinishing.

When restoration and surface finish is paramount, you can count on Vixen's Aquablast machines to deliver just that. The wet blasting technology of water mixed with abrasive (DK Engineering uses Aluminium Oxide) produces quick, superior and repeatable results, which is vital for Ferrari specialists like DK Engineering.

This Aquablast 915 in particular, has been customized in a black electrostatic powdercoat to match their workshop and branding. For more information on our full vapor blasting range, click here.

Thank you again to Rob Searle and DK Engineering for our invite.


Rob Searle

Parts & Workshop Support

The good thing about the Aquablaster with the media we use, is that it gives a good base and a key ready to paint onto. The Aquablast gives a nice finish so we can either paint onto or use clear lacquer. It’s really easy to change the water, clean the filters and everything like that.

The Aquablast is a joy to use. It's really good for what we need for our restoration work. Our technicians enjoy using it!

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