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Gatwick, UK


Gatwick, UK


Aquablast 1215

Gatwick Vapour Blasting offers surface finishing of Aluminium and non-ferrous components for nearby engineering companies.

The owner Sim Sidhu decided to purchase an Aquablast 915 from Vixen to offer a vapor blasting service to cater for engineering companies as well as restoration services for classic cars and motorcycles in nearby areas.

The machine surface prepares CNC and non-ferrous engineering components as well as restoring classic car and motorcycle components. Sim now notes that the machine gives repeatable and consistent results.

Since the Aquablast machine has been installed, Gatwick Vapour Blasting’s customers have been very impressed with the finish of parts. Especially within the automotive market, Sim is now able to transform parts which customers thought were unsalvageable – leaving them ‘amazed at the satin-smooth results!’

The Aquablast 915 is an ideal machine for starting a new business, just like Sim Sidhu has. This compact design is suitable for any workshop environment due to the dust-free process.

The wet blasting technology cleans by flow, unlike dry blasting. Therefore, this machine easily allows for Gatwick Vapour Blasting to create a quick and reliable finish.


Sim Sidhu


The Aquablast 915 gives repeatable results which is very important for our manufacturing customers, to be able to produce the exact same finish batch after batch. I like that I can offer something others can’t. Vixen sales engineer got the machine to me on time and it has performed as promised. It’s a good build quality and they’re a phone call away for any advice.

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