Hartech Porsche Specialists

Bolton, UK


Bolton, UK


Aquablast 1215

Vixen have recently had the pleasure of visiting Hartech, Porsche Specialists to see how they utilise their Aquablast®!

The family run business based in Bolton, Greater Manchester have a Vixen Aquablast® 1215 which they use for engine and component restoration.

Hartech begun trading in 1984 and have always had the customer at the forefront of the company, with the aim to provide the highest standards of care at affordable prices for Porsche owners.

When looking for a cost effective and time saving procedure to better their restoration aspect, Hartech decided to choose Vixen and their wet blast technology to invest in the Aquablast®.

The company offers services alongside full engine rebuilds. And since purchasing their wet blasting machine, they now offer customers the option of a professional engine clean as an optional extra. They are continuously adapting to what the customer wants.

Media combined with water create a slurry to blast clean parts without causing any surface damage. This is particularly effective for Hartech as it does not remove any serial numbers or information that they need to identify parts.

In the video below, Lee Jenkins, one of the Directors blasts an engine component using Vixosheen (glass bead media). He says: “you can see just how easy it’s cutting through there.” After just 5 minutes of blasting!

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