Doncaster, UK



Doncaster, UK


Aqua Wheelblaster & Vertical Wheel Lathe

The Hayselden group in South Yorkshire is a family run dealership of new and old Volkswagens and Škoda​'s.

The Hayselden group in South Yorkshire is a family run dealership of new and old Volkswagens and Škoda​'s.

Hayselden dealership has four sites in total and offers bodyshop repair including scratch and dent removals, major accident damages and now thanks to Vixen; wheel refurbishment.

Before investing in Vixen’s smart wheel repair equipment, Hayselden were outsourcing the wheel repair work from other local wheel refurb companies. After noticing the cost spent on outsourcing work, Hayselden decided to look into purchasing the equipment needed and to offer the services in house.

Vixen is a one-stop-shop for any automotive workshop to specialise in smart wheel repairs.

The group decided to purchase the ultimate wheel repair package; the Vertical Wheel Lathe and Aqua Wheelblaster. The Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe are designed to prepare and refurbish alloy wheels in a matter of minutes.

Which means clients like Hayselden can provide rapid results to its expanding customers! Vixen’s Vertical Wheel Lathe removes kerb damage and reproduces the diamond cut finish to wheels with a user-friendly Windows operating system and laser probe technology.

The Aqua Wheelblaster uses wet blasting technology to wash, clean, degrease and perfectly etch wheels ready for painting and machining in the lathe. This process takes as little as three minutes!

To complete their workshop, Hayselden also purchased Vixen’s auxiliary equipment: a Tyre Remover and Wheel Straightener. This means they have the essential equipment needed to offer the essential requirements to customers.



Bodyshop manager

The benefits of the machines to us as a main dealer for VW and Skoda, are that we no longer have to outsource wheel repairs. It also benefits us as a body shop because it brings in extra internal work as well as private and insurance work. The service we received with installation and the training from Terry the sales engineer has been first class.

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