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Aquajet & Frontloading Jetwash
Case study overview
What The Customer Says: 

“Vixen surface treatments stood above their competitors with their ability to listen and understand our requirements. Their design flexibility and market knowledge together with their after sales support was really important.

"HydraForce is constantly driving improvements to produce clean contaminant free products to provide the customer with the highest quality product and service. HydraForce chose Vixen Surface Treatments to work in partnership with them to design and develop the bespoke washing and cleaning facility line currently in place in their new factory located at Birmingham’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub.”

About the company:

Hydraforce is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and electro-hydraulic control systems. HydraForce UK’s 11,150 sqm purpose-built facility has provided it with much-needed capacity to build electro hydraulic cartridge valves and other products for the European market. Its investment will create an additional 200+ jobs over the next five years. HydraForce’s European manufacturing, based in the UK, is focused on supporting distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the European Agriculture, Construction, Material handling and Powertrain markets. The machines that are currently in place at HydraForce’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub are Vixen’s Aquajet and Frontloading Jetwash with the unique compact design with high pressure & high flow wash cycles.


About the machines:

Aquajet (High pressure wash)                                                                     

Manually operated, the Aquajet machine is particularly effective for high pressure cleaning. The Aquajet works by using hot water at 1000 Psi pressure to wash components in a safe environment. The cleanliness levels achieved with this machine were the driver for HydraForce After loading parts through the large side door, the operator places their arms through the gauntlets to handle the parts during the wash cycle. The wash gun is then operated by using the foot pedal, and the parts are intensely washed using a heated aqueous solution.


Frontloading Jetwash        

Vixen’s front loading machines are designed for washing heavy components and easy handling. The front door is an air operated guillotine type door with polyurethane heavy duty seals. Component parts can be loaded manually onto the wash basket which sits on either a fixed steel frame or a heavy duty bogey. This machine for Hydra force again was designed to achieve high cleanliness levels of washing. The twin pump system gave double the cleaning capacity in a small environment and the machine built with twin doors enabled the parts to pass through with roller conveyor beds either side of the machine as shown on the above photo.                 

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