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Aquablast 1215

JA Teknik has expanded his business all thanks to the Aquablast 1215!

JA Teknik, based in Sweden purchased the Aquablast 1215 from our Denmark distributor after noticing the superior results in person.

The owner Joakim Adolfsson, began to research more effective alternatives to ice and sandblasting, and that’s when he discovered the endless possibilities of aqua blasting from Vixen.

Joakim contacted Vixen’s Danish distributor, Hans Koch, in Denmark and visited Hans’ showroom for a one-to-one demonstration. Overwhelmed by what he has seen, Joakim decided to order the Aquablast 1215 as soon as he possibly could.

He has had the machine just over a year now and has had no problems, he’s been more than pleased with the results. 

The Aquablast machine uses water mixed with abrasive media to create a slurry which simultaneously blast cleans and degreases. Components are quickly processed by removing deposits such as heat scale, machining marks, rust and oil. This dust-free process is becoming the number one choice for restoration, especially within the automotive industry.

Joakim purchased the medium-sized cabinet which is a popular option for car restorers. This sized cabinet perfectly fits any sized component from brake callipers all the way to engine blocks!

Once you receive your machine from Vixen, you will be assigned an account handler from our Aftersales department who will look after you throughout the life of your machine.


Joakim Adolfsson


I offer wet blasting through my company as a side business and I’m hoping to expand further from here, so far it’s been great! I’ve mainly been cleaning motor parts but my service extends to anything that fits in the cabinet! I had to buy extra gloves and filter parts and have been really impressed with the after service!

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