Lackiertechnik Henriet

Eitorf, Germany


Eitorf, Germany


Aqua Wheelblaster

Lackiertechnik Henriet from Eitorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, use Vixen’s Aqua Wheelblaster and are delighted with the results.

" We wanted to keep being innovative, which brought us to you......."

Lackiertechnik Henriet from Eitorf does everything you could need with cars ad other vehicles: Exterior painting, accident repairs, cosmetic repairs, hail damage and, of course, rim processing, are all part of the extensive range of the company Lackiertechnik Henriet.

With the Aqua Wheelblaster, the company processes around 50 rims per week and only has to spend 10 minutes on each rim. The Aqua Wheelblaster washes, cleans, degreases and etches rims in order to prepare them for the next step in the repair process.

Jascha Henriet said:

“The Aqua Wheelblaster works wonderfully and we are very happy with it. It scotches evenly and saves us a lot of time .. "

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