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Botswana, Africa


Botswana, Africa


Aquablast 1215

Metal Treatment Botswana, a metal treatment business based in South Africa, offer plating and metal polishing for various industries. The company invested in a new Aquablast 1215 from Vixen and have never looked back.

Do your homework and get the best from Vixen - says Johan Joubert, the owner of Metal Treatment Botswana.

Johan had previously had a vapor blasting from another company that was causing major uses but after doing some research, he found that Vixen's quality is superior.

Johan told us all about how purchasing an Aquablast model has helped his company go from strength to strength. The Aquablast 1215 provides a surface finish that saves time, is less expensive, does not require harsh chemicals and the machine also helps immensely with the preparation for plating and anodizing methods.

Metal Treatment Botswana restore parts for all different types of companies from restoration, aviation and military to engineering and mechanical and so on.

With the Aquablast 1215 they can now take on any cleaning work that their customers approach them for, with a recent example of cleaning some cooking & food preparation equipment for clients in the food industry.

The Aquablast 1215 is the second largest out of Vixen’s standard wetblasting models which means it can clean and degrease larger components with a turntable typically measuring at 900mm. Our Aquablast machines are a popular choice with the benefits of easy operation and a dust-free process, making it an ideal alternative to the dry blasting method.

The wet blasting process uses water mixed with abrasive to simultaneously blast to produce a superior finish without damaging the surface of the part.

Johan admitted that buying machines overseas has not been easy in the past and with his company being based in South Africa, however with Vixen, Metal Treatment Botswana had a smooth delivery process. This was also made even better with our aftersales experience.

Metal Treatment Botswana have increased their workload immensely since purchasing the Aquablast 1215 and are looking to invest into another unit soon.


Johan Joubert


Do your homework and get the best from Vixen so you know you will have no problems. This is by far the most reliable machine on the market.

We really want to thank Vixen for their upmost professional team, excellent service and excellent machine. Vixen has an unbelievable sales team, as well as the after sales and technical department who help you get the machine set up and give you information for the maintenance. Dealing with Vixen you will for sure have the best treatment you can possibly get.

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