Motor Sports Engineering

Portland, USA


Portland, USA


Aquablast 1215

Motor Sports Engineering, based in Portland USA, has been one of the leading race shops in the NW United States since 1976.

They have had customers that run with SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), SCCA Pro Racing, Pro Atlantic, Indy Lights, and Vintage. Their company is currently a collection of 6 former racing professionals, that are always looking for that next interesting restoration/engineering project to engage their interests and unique skill sets.

Motor Sports Engineering’s main focus is Track side support, Race prep & maintenance, Setup & alignment, and Data acquisition and analysis. They also have a focus on restoration of vintage racing cars, and Greg Lapinski, the owner, personally branched out into restoration of classic British motorcycles.

They purchased the Aquablast 1215 which is the medium-sized model within the standard Aquablast range, allowing a wide variety of parts to fit inside the blast chamber. This machine, along with the other models in the range, is effective for many applications including cleaning of dies and moulds, removal of paint, rust scale and carbon.

The owner Greg, said:

“I was able to get the delivered system up and running without any particular assistance, but have found support from Vixen especially helpful when learning how to use the machine to its best ability, and in operation of the blaster with regards to abrasives and air pressures to use for different materials.”

“We have found that the system is the perfect way to process Aluminium parts especially castings, but it's great on ferrous metals, rubber and plastic. This process is much faster than dry bead blasting and leaves a finer surface finish. Since the machine has arrived, I've also found an opportunity in doing post processing work for 3D printed materials.”

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