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Aquablast 915
Case study overview

Paragon Porsche recently purchased an Aquablast 915 from Vixen to give their customers the pristine results they require. Paragon are a specialist garage selling Porsche cars and also providing service and aftercare to their customers. Prior to purchasing the wetblast machine, Paragon outsourced their parts to another company to be processed. However, when Andy and Pete from Paragon visited the outsourcing company they came across the Vixen machine. They were so impressed by the Aquablast and the results achieved, they decided to purchase one for themselves!

Terry Myers, one of Vixen’s Sales Engineer’s visited Paragon Porsche as they have had the wetblasting machine for around 6 months. Terry spoke with Andy and Pete whilst he was there and this is what they had to say: “The main benefits we have noticed so far is the reduction in time, control over the cleanliness levels and no cross contamination.” Pete went on to explain that when they were outsourcing, they had to wait a week to receive the parts back into the garage, but now they have their own Vixen machine on site it takes a matter of minutes!

Whilst the machine was in build, Paragon were undergoing a new garage renovation; they asked Terry if it would be possible for them to have the Aquablast machine painted to match their new garage colours, which Vixen were happy to help with as you can see in the photos.

Pete then went on to say: “Vixen were extremely professional and very understanding of our needs and nothing was a problem for them, with a really personal service.”

“Vixen has provided us with an excellent quality product. We are very happy with the purchase.”

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