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Nottingham, UK


Nottingham, UK


Aquablast 1215

P&K Thornton, based in Nottingham UK specialises in all aspects of pre-1974 Jaguars.

From a simple service to the nuts-and-bolts restoration, they have united skill and spirit to produce nothing but perfection on an international scale.

The Vixen team recently had the pleasure of visiting P&K Thornton to see their outstanding premises and how they utilise our Aquablast® 1215 machine.

Ciprian Nistorica (Chip) from P&K Thornton showed the team around the premises including the engine shop and bodyshop with a selection of classic Jaguars on display including the e-type. 

It was great to see the extensive work P&K Thornton carry out to the highest standard. Inside one of the workshops is where they keep our vapor blasting machine...

The Aquablast® 1215 is used to restore a wide range of classic automotive parts and as you can see in the video below - they are producing nothing but perfection, every time.

Our wet blasting machines have an abundance of advantages over other cleaning methods such as a completely dust-free process and a closed-loop system. These two features are very beneficial for workshops like P&K Thornton so the unit is self-contained, easy to maintain and no dust or particles will spread into the atmosphere. 

The closed loop system is a popular choice for customers like P&K so the cabinet does not need a constant water supply or to be cited next to a drain. 

Throughout Vixen’s visit inside the workshops and the restoration work carried out, it was immediately clear P&K Thornton only offer the best possible service for its global customers.

We were delighted to hear from Chip and how delighted he is with the Aquablast machine and how satisfied his customers are with the restoring and refinishing capabilities. 

When restoration and surface finish is paramount, you can count on Vixen's Aquablast machines to deliver just that!

The wet blasting technology of water mixed with abrasive (P&K uses glass bead) produces quick, superior and repeatable results, which is vital for Ferrari specialists like DK Engineering.

Thank you again to Ciprian Nistorica for our invite.


Ciprian Nistorica


“We were aiming for perfection and with the Aquablaster we are achieving just that! The 1215 has been a great addition to our team. We're able to do restoration much quicker and to a much better finish! ”

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