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Aquablast 1215

Red Dog Restorations use Vixen's Aquablast 1215 to clean and refinish various components.

Red Dog Restorations is a small family business in Northeast Victoria, Australia. The company specialise in the refinishing of non-ferrous parts from motorcycles, cars, boats, antiques and household items.

Before purchasing the Aquablast 1215 machine from Vixen, Red Dog Restorations cleaned and finished parts by hand which was a messy, mundane and time consuming process.

The company began to research a better method for restoring parts and found Vixen had the answer. The owner Jason Cooper, said: “The machines appealed to me as being a high build quality and seemed to have a good reputation for reliability.”

Since installing the vapor blasting machine, the team now find the whole process much more enjoyable. They have noticed the overall efficiency has improved and the finish on the parts are much more superior.

Red Dog Restoration’s clients are very happy and amazed by the outcome, which now leads to repeated custom on other projects.

This machine has also allowed the company to assist with small engineering companies with refinishing newly manufactured custom parts.

The Aquablast 1215 is our medium-sized cabinet which is ideal for companies like Red Dog Restorations to be able to blast clean and finish all sizes of components. The wet blasting technology uses water mixed with abrasive media to degrease and clean parts to a like-new condition. Jason Cooper also noted that the Aquablast is easy to use with a dust-free process and helps them clean/finish intricate parts which are very hard to do by hand.

Buying overseas from Vixen is no problem with free worldwide delivery. From the initial enquiry to ordering, our exports manager was available to answer all Jason’s questions and put his mind at ease. “Vixen provided us with a fantastic stress-free service.”

Vixen’s reliable aftersales service was also on hand to help Jason when a wiper motor failed a few months into operation. The team sent out a replacement free of charge to ensure the Aquablast machine works as optimal.


Jason Cooper


The Aquablast machine cleans and refinishes customers parts to a high quality standard. The machine is very easy to use with no dust, its relatively quiet and helps us clean intricate parts which would be near-impossible to do so by hand. Vixen provided us with a fantastic stress-free service from enquiring to ordering. The exports manager was great to deal with and sorted all my concerns in a friendly professional manner. Being able to talk to Vixen directly over the phone was reassuring and put my mind at ease.

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