Redman Engineering

Essex, UK


Essex, UK


Aquablast 915

Formed in 1977, Redman Engineering provides high quality, high precision machining services primarily for the aerospace industry; an industry in which they continue to support today

Bill Redman, the managing director at Redman Engineering, came to Vixen with the request of a new machine that would successfully provide a clean finish on small precision high, value mechanical components.

After trials and tests Redman Engineering found that our Aquablast machine was perfect for the job. Prior to using the Aquablast machine, Redman Engineering was using ultrasonic tanks and degreasing chambers, but the surface finish, which was the primary concern, took 8 man hours or more a week to achieve the results required.


Bill Redman

Managing director at Redman Engineering

Since introducing the Aquablast, time has been cut to just two and a half man hours. We no longer need to clean in a separate operation prior to surface finishing. An additional benefit is that the finish is now consistent and controllable and any one of our staff can use it. We have time and control back in our hands. The process has also removed sore and cut fingers! We would highly recommend Vixen's Aquablast.

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