Oberhausen, Germany


Oberhausen, Germany


Aqua Wheelblaster & Vertical Wheel Lathe

Rindt-felgen in Oberhausen, Germany purchased Vixen’s ultimate wheel repair package after witnessing the results at a recent trade show.

In October 2019, the owner of Rindt-felgen, Rainer Rindt purchased our Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Lathe at the TASC trade show after witnessing the results first hand.

Rainer has owned the workshop Rindt-felgen for over 30 years now and offer a range of services to its customers including alloy wheel repair, powder coating and widening motorbike wheels such as Harley Davidsons.

Vixen’s sales engineer Terry recently visited Rainer in Germany to deliver the two days of inclusive training on the Vertical Wheel Lathe.

Terry went through all aspects of the wheel lathe with Rainer and his team. This process includes loading a wheel correctly, mapping the wheel, safety passes and cutting.

Terry also commissioned the Aqua Wheelblaster, which Rainer was already familiar with after using the machine at the exhibition.

The Aqua Wheelblaster and Vertical Wheel Lathe are designed to fit seamlessly into any automotive workshop like Rindt-felgen and to provide rapid results. This means customers like Rainer can repair alloy wheels quicker than ever!

The Aqua Wheelblaster uses Vixen's wet blasting technology to blast, wash, clean and etch wheels ready for repainting. This means Rainer can now prepare wheels in as little as 3 minutes! 

After the two days of training on how to use the machines, Rainer and his team were very impressed with the training and said: “The wheel lathe and the wheelblaster will allow us to save a lot of time and money, and offer a more professional and quicker service to create a superb finish".


Rainer Rindt


We can now offer a quicker and better alloy wheel restore service thanks to the Vertical Wheel Lathe and the Aqua Wheelblaster we recently purchased from Vixen. Those machines enable us to continuously treat alloy wheels, refurbish them close to brand new.

The Wheel Lathe and the Aqua Wheelblaster allows us to save a lot of time and money, offering a better and quicker service by preparing the wheels professionally and creating a superb finish.

We are very happy with the procedure -from buying to delivering the machines – at the hands of Vixen’s service and sales team.

We discovered the machines at the TASC exhibition in Düsseldorf and were very impressed with their performance. Vixen kept all of their promises such as in time delivery and the included training, which was very good. I’m very grateful for that.