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Texas, USA


Texas, USA


Aquablast 915

Edgar J. Josephson is the owner at Road and Track Specialists located in Wimberley Texas, USA. He has over 40 years' experience in the industry with 23 years at American Motor Co. Inc. 

His business offers a personalised service of motorcycle and scooter repairs and restorations. And after purchasing the Aquablast® 915, Edgar has created a second element to his business. Vapor blasting. is a full-service vapor blasting business that E.J offers, where they blast a great deal of power sports related components.

All of this was possible with the help of the Aquablast 915, and E.J thanks Vixen and their afterslaes team for their help and support when purchasing the vapor blasting machine.

The Aquablast 915 is the smallest model in the wet blasting range and has been regarded as an excellent 'entry-level' machine for smaller workshops. The wet blasting process cleans by flow, and not impact, producing a 'soft' finish. The water acts as a lubricant, avoiding media impregnation and leaving high quality results. 

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