Skramovsky Motorsport

Rimbach, Germany


Rimbach, Germany


Aquablast 1215

Skramovsky Motorsport are a German restoration company that focus on the maintenance, repair work, and overhaul of Porsche engines. Their enthusiasm and passion lie with Porsche engine repair and after working with customers from all over Germany, and abroad, it’s no wonder they chose Vixen to level up their restorations!

After investing in an Aquablast® 1215 the company haver been able to seriously minimise their restoration costs.

Selina Skramovsky, a Porsche mechanic for the family business, says: “The Aquablast® machine effortlessly removes stubborn dirt and rust with no need for detergents. So, not only is it good for our environment, but it also saves on the costs of the previously needed cleaning agents. It is also easy to use and saves a lot of time in cleaning.”

Before the 1215, Skramovsky was using a washing machine operated with cleaners and water, they would then sand blast the components and polish if necessary.

Since having the Aquablast®, they have been able to combine these processes into one.

Vixen’s technology of water combined with abrasive creates a cushioned effect which simultaneously blasts and degrease components to a like-new finish.

Selina also said: “Our company repairs and revises Porsche vehicles and engines. With the Aquablast® machine we clean the dirty engine parts as effortlessly as never before so that the engines look like new again.”


Selina Skramovsky

Thanks to the Aquablast® machine, many cleaners are eliminated in our company, and we save a lot of time cleaning our engine parts. In addition, we protect the environment and give our parts a new shine through the cleaning combination with water and blasting material. The Vixen team is always immediately available, and the friendly staff will help you in every situation you require!

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