Turbo’s Powder Coating

Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire


Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire


Aquablast 915

Turbo’s Powder Coating, Nottingham love their Aquablast® 915!

With the help of the Aquablast®, Turbo’s Powder Coating have been able to minimise their cleaning time drastically. Meaning that investing in our wet blasting machine has been hugely cost-effective for their business.

Owner, Gary Wilford said: "The Aquablast® has sped up our business and is a valuable asset!"

Turbos powder coating was formed in 2021 by Gary and his team in Newark-on-Trent and they specialise in wheel refurbishment and powder coating.

Gary used to use a shot blasting cabinet when he first started the business but has told us: "It’s not a patch on the Aquablast® 915!"

The 915 is an ideal sized machine for starting a new business, just like Gary has. This compact design is suitable for any workshop environment due to its dust-free process.

Vixen’s wet blast technology uses water mixed with abrasive top blast cleans and degreases components back to a like-new finish, so they are prepared ready for painting.

Unlike dry blasting, our vapor blasting technology cleans by flow rather than impact. Therefore, allowing Gary and Turbo’s ­­Powder Coating to create a quick and reliable finish which allows for an easy, smooth coating.


Gary Wilford


The Aquablast® has sped up our business and is a valuable asset!

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