Vapeur Blasting Renovation

Anceaumeville, France


Anceaumeville, France


Aquablast 1215

Vapeur Blasting Renovation based in Anceaumeville, France have set up a vapor blasting service thanks to our Aquablast 1215.

The owner Sébastien Gouley is a keen restorer of old and new motorcycles. Before purchasing the Aquablast machine, he was manually cleaning parts with a brush and degreaser.

Having looked into a quick and easier method, he discovered Vixen’s Aquablast range and decided to purchase one for himself.

As he was very new to the vapor blasting process, all of his questions such as how it works and how long delivery would be - were answered by our export’s manager.

Mr Gouley felt more than satisfied that the machine was what he needed to bring his restoration to the next level. As such he described our overall service as ‘exceptional and professional’.

He received his machine during UK Covid-19 lockdown and the machine arrived on time.

At the moment, it is just Sébastien looking after the vapor blasting business but he has scope to branch out as he is noticing more and more customers heading his way as they are very satisfied with the finish.

The Aquablast 1215 is a popular choice for the automotive industry. The medium sized cabinet is ideal to process all matter of sizes from brake callipers to alloys and engines. Which means a vapor blasting business like Sébastien, can process any component quickly and easily.

The machine uses a dust-free process of water mixed with abrasive media to blast clean the part. The addition of water means parts are lubricated and are cleaned by flow rather than impact.

Its no wonder so many of our global customers are opting for our vapor blasting technology over dry blasting or any other cleaning method.


Sébastien Gouley


The results are exceptional, like new. I no longer have to clean parts by hand, thank you Vixen. I am very well-known in my area now for restoration as people are so impressed by how new they look. A big thank you to Vixen for their professionalism!