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Aqua Wheelblaster

VBE Teknik AB / Wheel Doctor based in Sweden, specialises in the repair and restoration of aluminium rims and automotive interiors.

The owner Erik Johansson purchased Vixen’s Aqua Wheelblaster for his bodyshop to blast clean and perfectly etch wheels ready to be repainted and lacquered.

This vapor blasting machine has been fitted with a wheel spigot as standard, making it easy for the operator to load wheels and process.

Before purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster, Erik was using a dry blasting method to prepare alloys but was unsatisfied with the amount of dust. He knew he needed an easier and far superior process and decided to invest in our wet blasting cabinet.

Now, Erik can quickly prepare wheels in as little as three minutes. The Aqua wheelblaster uses water mixed with abrasive to gently and effectively prepare alloy wheels. This means the wheels are perfectly etched, creating a key ready for repainting and lacquering.

This process is much quicker than scotching by hand. Customers like Erik can process up to 30 wheels per day.


Erik Johansson


The Aqua Wheelblaster is a real timesaver, there’s no dust and the results are much better. I love how much time this saves me and I have reduced my use in chemicals. The service from Vixen was excellent. The sales engineer gets 5/5, everything he promised was delivered!

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