Zähringer - Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany


Freiburg, Germany


Vertical Wheel Lathe

Jurgen, the owner of Zähringer Lack und Dellentechnik, in Germany recently purchased the Vertical Wheel Lathe from Vixen to expand the business and to now be able to offer Diamond Cut Wheel repairs.

Zähringer Lack und Dellentechnik is a wheel repair workshop based in Freiburg, Germany where they offer many services.

However, there was one service that they couldn’t offer before buying from Vixen – Diamond Cut Wheel repair.

Vixen’s Vertical Wheel Lathe is revolutionary when it comes to repairing kerb damage to diamond cut wheels.

The lathe features a user-friendly Windows system that can be translated into any European language, making it accessible and easy to use. It is also ideal for busy workshops as it maps out wheels in under 30 seconds using laser probe technology. This is ideal for operators as once the lathe starts cutting, the technician can complete other jobs while the lathe does its job.

Jurgen explained to Vixen that he decided to buy the Vertical Wheel Lathe to increase his range of services and that he knew that our machine can “give the results that we need."

Each purchase of our Vertical Wheel Lathe includes two days of inclusive training from one of our dedicated sales engineers. The training process includes one of our sales engineers making sure that the machine is set up correctly, demonstrating the wheel cutting process, explaining how to use the system to meet the customers desired cut and letting the customers set up wheels to be cut themselves under supervision.

The training process is repeated over and over again throughout the two days to ensure that all information about the machine is fully understood, and so customers can go on to use the Wheel Lathe confidently without any supervision.

Buying from overseas is also not a problem. Vixen provides efficient delivery and our sales engineers can train customers in any country. When asked why Jurgen chose to buy overseas with Vixen he said that Vixen “made the best impression on me".

Jurgen and his employee, Laurent, were left feeling confident in using their Vertical Wheel Lathe for their own customers’ wheels. They both felt satisfied with the training delivered by our engineer.

If you are interested in one of Vixen’s Vertical Wheel Lathe’s and would like to find out more information, please visit www.smartwheelrepairs.com or call us on +44 (0)1642 769 333.




The Vixen Vertical Wheel Lathe made the best impression on me and can now give us the results we need. We had great support and great training, it was a lot of fun! The training was complete, clear and Tom was great to work with us. It was a pleasure.

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