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Bernard Schofeild owns a classic car and motorcycle restoration business on the west side of South Africa.

When it came to cleaning aluminium castings used in the restoration process, Bernard had tried many finishing techniques, including sand blasting and soda blasting, and found that all were unsuccessful in creating an ‘as new’ finish that is needed to compliment the rest of the restoration work on the vehicles.

After months of searching, he discovered Vixen’s Aquablast, and is reaping the results from the vapor blasting process.

He uses a 100/150 grade glass bead to remove years of baked on grease, dirt and oxidation from castings and other components, leaving them with a stunning satin shine and finish.

Bernard said: "I would just like to thank the Vixen team for the professionalism in the way my enquiries regarding the Aquablast 915 machine were handled. This influenced my decision to purchase this unit.

The order was placed and the machine was despatched, and on arrival was installed, connected, setup and started - the results are amazing.

I am very impressed with the results that can be attained with the machine and would recommend the Vixen product to any perspective clients.

Again a big "Thank You" to all concerned and look forward to a long standing relationship with Vixen.”

 As well as produced the desired finish, Bernard’s Aquablast machine has reduced cleaning times and is actually starting to make more money by cleaning parts for other restorers – an additional bonus for a happy customer.

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