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DJ&SC Cook is a motorcycle repair and restoration workshop in south east Australia. It also provides blast cleaning services to the motor trades, and required a process that could effectively clean motorcycle components that were covered in grease, oil and other contaminants.

The company first tried to use a dry blast cabinet, but found that the media was starting to stick together after coming into contact with the oily components, and as a result, was blocking up the blast system. As the vapor blasting process is dust-free and recommended for blasting greasy parts, the company decided to purchase a Vixen Aquablast which was manufactured in the north east of England.

Doug Cook, managing director of DJ&SC Cook, said: “After researching wetblasting machines we chose the Vixen Aquablast because of its stainless steel construction, compact cabinet size, competitive pricing and willingness of the company to meet our needs.

We have found a significant improvement in the finish, speed, reliability and cleanliness with the Aquablast, and the visibility during the blasting process is vastly improved, which in turn reduces the time required to blast each component.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending the Vixen Aquablast to anyone who is considering purchasing a wet blasting machine.”

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