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Founded almost 14 years ago, Malton Laser is a top quality subcontractor of sheet metal work in North Yorkshire. After purchasing their Vixen Phoswash machine, employees at the company find it hard to visualise working operations without it.

The company supplies various types of components to industries all around the country, including the transportation, electronics and mobility access companies. As well as this, Malton Laser has manufactured components for iconic buildings including York Minster.

The team at Malton Laser have a four step manufacturing process that sees sheets of plain metal transformed into diverse components used for a variety of different things. This procedure is as follows:

  • The metal sheets are cut using a Bystronic laser
  • The metal cut-outs are then folded using press brakes
  • The parts are then welded together using TIG and MIG welding
  • The welded parts are then pre-treated using Vixen’s Phoswash before powder coating.

Malton Laser bought their Phoswash as part of a package deal from another Vixen customer, and use the machine to degrease and phosphate metal parts prior to powder coating. The effect left on the parts is a ‘roughened up’ surface which creates a key before coating. As well as this, the Phoswash machine also removes laser edges created in the manufacturing process.


Andrew Hildred, production manager at the company, said: “The machine provides a good and consistent finish to the metal parts. The results are very effective.”

“The fact that the machine is automated makes it very easy to use and is ideal in a busy working environment – we are able to just load the machine, press a button and leave it until finished. This has proven to reduce our production times considerably and generate a faster turnaround.”

Before using the Vixen Phoswash machine, the team at Malton Laser used other companies to phosphate their parts which proved to be very time consuming. Some of the employees were also familiar with using dip tank methods of phosphating, which is a laborious and potentially dangerous method. Whereas now, the Vixen machine makes the pre-treatment of their sheet metal a safe, quick and hassle-free process that creates outstanding finishing results.

The company have a Gold Care Plan with Vixen, which means that their Phoswash machine is serviced 12 times a year by one of Vixen’s experienced engineers, and means that if their machine requires any additional parts, they are entitled to a discounted price.

Andrew added: “Our Gold Care Plan is very important to us. Due to the nature of the machine we understand that it is important to get it regularly checked over by a professional.”

“We are more than happy with our machine and the service that Vixen provides, we would go directly to them next time we required a machine – they understand what a company like ours requires.”

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