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TT Electronics is a global electronics company with offices located worldwide. They bought their Miniwash 480 machine in 2005 to remove residual flux from resistor leads which are used to limit or control the flow of electricity through different types of circuits.

The residual flux is left over on the components after soldering, and TT Electronics use only filtered rain water in their Miniwash to remove this soiling. As a result of this, their production times have been reduced considerably.

TT Electronics think that it is very important for these leads to have a machine finish in order to maintain the integrity of them, as any slight fault can cause serious malfunctioning in electrical circuits. As well as this, contaminated parts generate very little or no returns from customers, therefore it is important that they are finished effectively.

Winston Clarke, Quality Assurance Director at TT Electronics, said: “The main benefit we observed from using Vixen's Miniwash degreasing machines was the reliability. We have an excellent relationship with Vixen Surface Treatments The Miniwash 480 degreasing machine gives rapid speed, quality and cleanliness of the components to TT Electronics and is contaminant and hazard free to the working environment."

Tennyson Drakes, another employee at the company, said: “We think that the service from Vixen is very commendable, and the quick response from them regarding anything, such as replacing parts, is excellent. The machine is extremely reliable.”

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