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Vaporblast Canada is a company based in Canada that restores cars and motorcycles ready for re-sale. The company were searching for a piece of equipment that could effectively remove residues from components that were soiled in grease, oils and other motor-related contaminents in a controlled environment.

Vixen's Aquablast 915 machine proved to be the ideal solution for them, as the high cosmetic satin finish generated in the wetblasting process is perfect for the restoration industry.

Kevin McDiarmid, managing director at Vaporblast Canada, said: "Exporting the machines to Canada was handled professionally and when technical advice was needed on the setup, Vixen had their technicians phone me to talk me through the setup. Vixen provided an excellent service."

"The Aquablast 915 is an amazing machine that provides a cleaning and finish on metals and plastics that we use in the restoration of cars and motorcycles that can't be replicated. It reduces the process from days with chemicals to hours without solvents, and we can't wait to buy another machine."

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