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At Vixen Surface Treatments we can go further than the vast majority of companies in our field, in regards to demonstration. Acquisition of surface treatment machinery and equipment is always an investment that needs to be considered thoroughly. Vixen Surface Treatments can help you to reach an informed decision by giving you access to our stunning purpose-built demonstration room.

Our demonstration room will let you test your own sample parts on our cutting edge machinery and equipment. We have set up a number of our degreasers, phosphating machines and blasting equipment pieces for you to test. Experts from Vixen will also be on hand to guide you through the process and clear up any questions that may arise.

Vixen are also in a position to offer demonstrations of our smaller surface treatment machinery on your very own premises. This level of service offers unrivalled convenience and epitomises the lengths that we are willing to go to when demonstrating the quality of our products.

You can arrange for a visit to either our facility in the North East of England or yours, by contacting a member of our well-informed sales department. They can be reached by telephone on 01642 769333 or else via e-mail at

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