Vixen’s phosphating machines consist of a 3-stage cycle and are used in conjunction with phosphating and passivate solutions. The 1st stage is a hot wash with phosphate solution. The 2nd stage is a hot rinse and the 3rd stage is hot passivation where the passivate is added to demineralised water.

Ultrasonic cleaning involves the vibration of water and liquid detergent molecules using a very intense sound at high frequency. The vibration of the liquid molecules produces a scrubbing action in blind areas where simple soaking in hot water and detergent will not clean the surface fully.

The basket of the Jetwash remains stationary whilst the spray boom revolves around it. This prevents delicate components from being damaged by movement inside the basket.

Vixen manufacture a top loading range of automatic washing machines with 3 standard models with baskets ranging from 600mm up to 1m diameter. Our front loading automatic washing machines incorporate basket sizes from 1 metre up to 3 metres.

Pressure dryblast machines have a higher pressure in the nozzle; therefore velocity of the abrasive propelled in the air stream is greater meaning faster cleaning effects. The pressure has to build up first in a vessel before the air and media are released.

Suction operated dryblast machines provide a continuous process which is popular for customers who wish to use the tumbler option, as a continuous flow of air and media is blasted which provides a uniform finish to components.

The Aquablast®  machine requires 3 phase or single phase electrics and a compressed air supply to operate.

If the Aquablast®  machine uses an open loop, it will also require a water supply.

Vixen’s dryblast machines require a 3 or single phase electrical supply and also a compressed air supply.

Depending on the type of media that is used, the advantages of dryblasting are:

  • Provides a key for painting/bonding
  • Can safely and quickly remove rust and corrosions
  • Can remove flashing from surfaces
  • Quick and easy process

Vixen has a fully trained aftersales department who can advise on the most suitable detergent for your application. We supply a wide range of aqueous based detergents and various blast medias together with all the spare parts which you may require for the machine during its lifetime.

Vixen can supply all the spare parts for their machines direct to the customer. Once you have purchased a machine from Vixen you will be assigned an internal aftersales contact who is available to give you advice on spares and consumables.

We also offer service contracts on all our machines ranging from twice yearly to monthly visits.

Vixen offers a full custom build service. Whether your application requires small alterations to a standard machine or a full turnkey CAD drawing proposal, Vixen has a solution to your problem at a price you can afford.

Contact our sales department who will be able to advise further.

For the required water level fill the machine until water disperses from the rear drain valve into the sediment tank.

To fill your Aquablast machine to the correct level, add the media until it touches the lowest point of the course debris filter which is situated below the main pump. 

The sedimentation tank is sited at the back of the Aquablast machine.

Fill the sediment tank to just an inch below the highest wear. 

Rotate your nozzle regularly to stop uneven wear.

By rotating the nozzle on a regular basis this will also extend your nozzle life.

 If you are having problems with your heater, check the float switch is raised and cleaned thoroughly. 

If your Jetwash boom stops spinning, clean/ remove the spray jets and clean the boom bushes.

Also check to see if the side jet isn't blocked. 

Check the vertical float switch is clean.

Then check the debris baskets are clean allowing water to pass through.

Pressure pot systems require to be filled up to the weld line on the pressure pot regardless whether is it large or small.

Suction machines need to be filled to the top of the debris filter in the lower part of the machine. 

If your machine is not blasting correctly then check the condition of the Airjet and nozzle inside the blast gun.

Give your washable filter cartridges a thorough clean out with an airline or if you have a spare set clean with air then wash with a Jetwash or a hose (allow to dry for atleast 6 weeks)

Failing that try and open the baffle plate at the rear of the extraction box to increase the dust extraction.

If your machine has a filter bag then you will need to replace these.

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