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Quality is vital at Ferschl Tubeform, based in Peterlee in County Durham. Ferschl Tubeform are an industry leading supplier of pipe bending, pipe manipulation, handrails, hydraulic tubes, pipe and tube fabrication, 

pipe componentry, end forming and exhaust systems.  When sourcing a large-scale industrial washer to rid completed tube work of dirt and contamination, Vixen Surface Treatments were able to supply a machine to 

meet Ferschl’s clients’ high standards, whilst delivering both time and cost savings over their existing cleaning methods.

Ferschl, who bend, manipulate and fabricate thousands of tons of metal pipes each year, has long been proud of its outstanding quality standards. The company must meet the strict requirements of an impressive client list, including some of the world’s most demanding equipment manufacturers.

The decision to upgrade the pipe cleaning systems, two years ago, resulted in Fershl meeting with Vixen Surface Treatments in Teesside, who provided a bespoke solution to accommodate 3 metre length sections of pipe which had proved troublesome in standard shot blasting cabinets. The requirements of size, extremely high quality finish, time savings and good value were all met by one product, the Vixen Front Loading Jetwash.

The rigid double-skin stainless steel Front Loader uses hot water and environmentally-friendly detergent emitted via a revolving spray boom, while the metal pipes sit in a stationary basket, exposing them to a deep cleaning cycle around 3 minutes in length. The design provides the operator with easy loading of heavy components 

Once installed, Ferschl’s Front Loader quickly became a critical machine to the site’s operations, and in almost constant use and benefits from a range of features including a compressed air nozzle, manual jet nozzle and steam functions as well as the powerful internal spray jets. 

Business Development Manager for Ferschl, Graeme Campbell, commented: “We strive for excellence in the service we provide to our clients, and Vixen have helped us achieve a consistently high level of quality in the finish of our pipes, thanks to the Front Loader JetWash. Previously we needed two people to blast the pipes and this was a lengthy, and at times an inefficient process. Thanks to Vixen we have seen improved efficiency which in turn speeds up the operations across the shop floor. We would be very pleased to recommend Vixen’s machines to others seeking to achieve similar process improvements.”

To find out more about the Front Loading Jetwash, please click here or contact Vixen today to see what benefits a machine can bring to your business.

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